Four-star hotel at Rome centre the right place for a dream vacation

The four-star hotel at Rome centre Aphrodite” is the perfect means to discover the many beauties that can make immortal and eternal one of the most wonderful cities in the world.
A special tour will take you to know the marvelous Tivoli, with its extraordinary cargo of works of art and masterpieces of great interest.
Among these, there is certainly Villa d’Este, Unesco patrimony, and symbol of the Renaissance, with spectacular interiors, beautiful gardens and fountains of high impact.

Four-star hotel in Rome centre, an incomparable journey through the treasures of a splendid territory

Among the villas to visit, emerges surely that “Adriana”, built by the Emperor Hadrian between 76 and 138 A.D., whose magnificence lies also in the particular complexity that characterizes it.
The archaeological excavations, on an area of about 120 hectares, they have allowed us to admire a magnificent private residence, once composed of Canopus, Golden Square, complex of Pecile, maritime theatre, spa and underground levels.
The itinerary suggested by our hotel at Rome at four-star with a view in the centre is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 09:30 am.