Four-star hotel downtown Rome the wonder of history meets the comforts of an elegant structure

The four-star hotel downtown Rome Aphrodite” is ready to accompany you among the many masterpieces of the territory with its special tours, designed to surprise and excite, among immortal symbols and overwhelming narratives.
Some of these are whispered in the beautiful scenery of Trastevere and the Jew Ghetto, along a path that will guide you into the discovery of one of the most exciting parts of the place, with a distance to be covered entirely on foot, from Largo Argentina to the House of the Senate, to Tiber Island and Campo dei Fiori

Four-star hotel downtown Rome, discoveries and surprises for an amazing stay

The hotel of charm at four-star for singles downtown Rome offers a wonderful three-hour walk that will allow you to enjoy glimpses witnesses of situations delivered forever to the memory and the myth: the assassination of Julius Caesar, executions during the Inquisition or hidden part of the city, below the level of modern roads.
The itinerary is available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, from 1st November to 31st March starting at 15:00 and from 1st April to the end of October at 18:00.