Four-star hotel in Rome Termini Station your holiday in a context of great level


The four-star hotel in Rome Termini Station Aphrodite” recommends you an unmissable journey outside the region, to arrive in a golden and legendary age as that of the ancient Pompeii.
After reaching the city south of Naples by bus, an experienced guide will accompany you in the beautiful archaeological site, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, to explore the marvelous ruins, the only ones able to witness so vividly the daily life of that historical moment.

Four-star hotel in Rome Termini Station, an extraordinary experience for your most memorable moments

The day will be marked by culture and history, thanks to a walk among the monuments, mosaics, temples and theaters located along the hill of Civita.
It is a greedy opportunity to get close to luxurious villas, domus, houses-workshop, the Forum, the Macellum, the Termopoli, the Castellum Aquae, the Schola Armaturarum, the Necropolis and the game buildings.
You can book the tour directly from our hotel at four-star for families or contact us prior to your arrival to the number 06/491096, by fax to 06/491579 or e-mail