Four-star hotel in Rome near Termini Station a plunge into memories tradition and curiosities

The elegant four-star hotel in Rome near Termini Station Aphrodite” is a microcosm absolutely perfect for a relaxing holiday, entertainment and fun among the Roman beauties, a universe to discover to learn about the cultural dimension of the area.
But to fully immerse yourself in the local world we cannot overlook an important component: the legends or narratives and stories related mostly to the people, with an imaginative and dreamlike taste, and often with a strong position of subversiveness.

Four-star hotel in Rome near Termini Station, elegance and class

An example is the legend of the “talking statues” in Piazza Pasquino, just 20 minutes from our hotel Rome at four-star, which are famous for the invectives that the statue threw through messages, against Popes, Cardinals, and men of power.
But the entire route of the city over the centuries is marked by satire, facts and myths that help to define the origins of the place and the romanity, as in the case of the Rape of the Sabines, and of Oriazi and Curiazi, Muzio Scaevola, the Geese of the Capitol and many other authentic pieces of history.