4-star hotel in Rome with spa bath comfort and surprises for a stay of discovery

The welcoming 4-star hotel in Rome  Aphrodite” is situated in the heart of the capital city, within walking distance from monuments and symbols of the place.
One of these is represented by the marvelous Baths of Caracall built by the homonymous emperor between 212 and 217 A.D. on the Aventine Hill.
About 15 minutes away from the comfortable structure, they embody one of the greatest examples of ancient spa, arrived today in excellent condition.

4-star hotel in Rome. The ideal starting point to discover the splendour and charm of lost times

The centre, absolutely to miss during a holiday in our luxury hotel at 4-star in Rome for children, it was used until 537 both by emperors and ordinary people, who used to go there to take care of their body, to study or for long walks.
The focus of the entire complex was formed by frigidarium, the caldarium and tepidarium, while a vast network of underground rooms hosted service and a great mitreo.
Among the many works retrieved, we remember the three sculptures of “Taurus”, “Flora” and “Hercules”, the polychrome mosaic with twenty-eight figures of athletes, busts and statues.