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The 4-star hotel in Rome for events Aphrodite”, elegant establishment set in the heart of the capital city will take you to the discovery of one of the local beauties: the beautiful Pantheon.
Built for the first time between 27 and 25 BC by order of the consul Agrippa, it was born in the place where, according to legend, Romulus was carried up into heaven by an eagle after his death.
At walking distance from our structure, it was the first building of church to be open to the public.

4-star hotel in Rome for events. The charm of history marries the grandeur of the myth

This extraordinary temple created for all the gods of Olympus is also one of the greatest masterpieces of architecture and engineering of all, clearly visible, among others, in the comparison of the Pronaos (square entrance) and the magnificent area inside, perfectly spherical.
Located at about 20 minutes from the charm hotel at 4-star in Rome centre for events, from the seventh century it became a Christian Basilica, dedicated to Santa Maria della Rotonda or Martyrs.