4-star hotel in Rome for families the ideal context for an extraordinary holiday

The welcoming 4-star hotel in Rome for families is the perfect starting point to dive among the symbols of the capital, immerse oneself in the folds of history and discover the myths and legends that characterize every corner of the place.
One of this is definitely the famous Trevi Fountain, inaugurated back in 1735, which is about 15 minutes from our structure and entered into the collective imagination in a very strong way thanks to the references of the film “Amarcord” or “Totòtruffa 62” .

4-star hotel in Rome for families, the best way to know the greatness of the antiquity

Designed by Nicola Salvi, it is made by fusing in impeccable Baroque, the Bernini style and the classical monumentality.
Of great visual impact, it is one of the wonders of the territory, created according to the specific theme of the sea, with statues, panels and niches called to create an authentic masterpiece of its kind.
Also reachable by a pleasant walk from the hotel of charm at 4-star in Rome with view, it is a must for all tourists, ready to throw a coin to see the realization of the desire to return to the Eternal City.