4-star hotel in Rome of charm your appointment with the comfort

The elegant 4-star hotel in Rome of charm is situated in the central Via Marsala and well connected to the most interesting sights of the territory.
One of these is the Piazza Navona, a true symbol of the capital, the perfect setting where dwell to admire the picturesque Roman atmospheres, sip a good drink and enjoy the extraordinary wonders that characterize it.
It was built from the ashes of the Stadium of Domitian, of which it preserves shapes and some features, at the behest of Pope Innocent X.

4-star hotel in Rome of charm, style and glamour to enter a breathtaking universe

Less than 20 minutes from our hotel at 4-star for singles in Rome with view, it is one of the landmarks of the social life of the city, a place loved by the residents as well as tourists.
But also a reality of worship for all art lovers, who can find in it a sort of Baroque Museum in the open air, with architectures and works by Francesco Borromini, Girolamo Rainaldi and Pietro da Cortona.
Among the many reasons to visit it during a holiday in the cozy structure, there is the amazing Fountain of the Four Rivers by Lorenzo Bernini.